What have you splurged on recently? (continued)

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I think it'll be fascinating to see how they fine-tune the adventure, so we get a better idea of what the right power balance for PCs and opposition might be.
Better here than in the temptation thread as I will splurge in a moment.

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Coming to the legendary Dead Forest in search of treasure, glory and a solution to the ancient curse laying waste to the forest, the adventurers soon find themselves embroiled in an epic conflict reaching back to the very foundations of the world. Path of Glory was the first major adventure campaign released for the original Swedish edition of the Dragonbane RPG (Drakar och Demoner), in three installments during 1985 and 1986: The Dead Forest, Gates of Power, and Heart of Darkness. This new edition, reimagined and updated by Free League and the original author Roger Undhagen, collects the trilogy in a single volume

Me too! Me too!
Because this is from Anne Stokes, a local gal, whose art I have admired for years, and because it is a nice generic romantic fantasy for 5e, and the ladies in my life are drawn to this genre much more than my usual fare of grimdark or heroic high fantasy, I will pick this up at UK Games Expo (Anne Stokes said she has some printed copies there).

Though, I have Blue Rose for this genre, that is a d6 AGE version, and I did not pickup its D&D5e version because the art was recycled and it was just a rules translation. With this Lillithea RPG, I get to have that 5e Romantic Fantasy while admiring the popoular pieces of art that Anne Stokes has painted over decades, art that floated around all places like posters, pillow cases, curtains, but without a game engine home. Obviously, the themes are magical talking creatures (probably like in Mercedes Lackey's Romantic Fantasy novels, and overall world niceness).

Arrived today…


Next step, to play it!
Just sniped the Collectors Edition of Dr Who 2e on ebay, the one that comes in a Tardis slipbook.
Very very stoked..
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