What have you splurged on recently? (continued)

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Finally, I can run Pirate Borg and also upgrade all my Savage Worlds games like a boss with these FlipDie Pieces of Fate. And yes, I ordered an extra dragon d6 to serve as Wild die in Savage.

I was going to wait until I got paid next week, but since I have more than enough money in my account, I've ordered my copy of Candela Obscura. I'm looking through the PDF now.
My Dragonmeet haul. Cthulhu for my brother. Bloodwood will see some play with one of my fantasy games, possibly Age of Heroes, Dragonbane, DragonQuest, Heroic Fantasy, or a planned FU 2e hack. I couldn't resist the beautiful One-Shot Wonders, and will find similar expression and use.

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In a surprise move, the Black Friday order from Modiphius arrived in less than a fortnight.
Ha ha ha!

I too was tempted by that 50% discount and so purchased both Houses big the Landsraad (because it has Spacing Guild and many houses for creating scenario arcs) and The Imperial Court (because of Planet IX and Bene Tleilax face dancers also good for stories). Mine box is yet to arrive though.
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Yes, I got one 'free' in a massive large flat packet alongside the slim A5 book l ordered. I hope that didn't contribute to the 50% of product cost fucking postage!
Yes, it was “free”.
I got it free today too. Modiphius must have a warehouse of it. Not sure Dreams and Machines has caught fire despite a huge marketing push at GenCon

The reality may be that Modiphius requires established brands for 2d20 to sell like Robert E. Howard's Conan, the very popular Star Trek Adventures and more recently Dune Adventures in the Imperium. Though Achtung Cthulhu has done okay for an own-brand, probably because World War 2 is still a popular war story, moreso than the Cthulhu bolt-on, since true Cthulhu fans have the original Chaosium versions.
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It's a new IP. I wouldn't be surprised if they deliberately produced a fair chunk of extra QuickStarts as a promo thing. Running off several hundred or thousand wouldn't be that expensive. If you want to have people look at a new IP it's a good route.
So my plan to stop purchasing new games continues with Modiphius Entertainment the second casualty after Wizards of the Coast this year end.
Firstly, since Corvus Belli Infinity special edition was sold at an 80% discount, I got that too for my Players to use alongside the skimpy Player books.
I used the Black Friday discounts to also pick up that last few books I will need for Dune, though they suffered nicked corners, which is annoying.

I finally used my leftover vouchers to purchase two digital adventures that I added to the Lulu print run of my Starfinder Society low level one-shots, these are just nostalgia, because Paizo will be the next publisher I will freeze once I use my vouches there to get the Starfinder Enhanced book.IMG_20231207_132336.jpgIMG_20231207_132314.jpg


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