What have you splurged on recently? (continued)

It’s a map day.

A lovely A1 sized PVC map of Eversink to use at Furnace with Swords of the Serpentine and the historical story game,“Border Riding”, which tells a tale over generations (recent Kickstarter).
I'm interested too? Been looking to print a big copy of a map of Doskvol for Blades in the Dark, and that looks gorgeous.
Sometimes the simplicity of earlier role playing games is so beautiful to behold.
I just received my Swords and Wizardry book from Kickstarter and it has those long forgotten combat tables and simple bestiary too.
I made the rather expensive mistake of doing some more poking around in the Jonstown Compendium on Drivethru. Too much stuff... Apart from Duckpac, I've grabbed the new expanded versions of Ian Thomson's Pavis & Big Rubble Companions, plus a load of Western & Eastern Genertela stuff. Attending the Pavis 3D seminar at Continuum also inspired me to get the 2 Rubble Redux supplements. So far, I've resisted most of the Orlanthi supplements, but I dare say I will eventually succumb.

Sigh, £300 later - but it did include getting the Wyrm's Footnotes bundle as well. We only had #15 and Wyrm's Footprints, and a single copy of #12. The bundle of all 14 was worth getting especially as RQ Classic Edition references some issues.
So over the weekend while I was having the best in life at The Garrision, a very rare French-to-English RPG arrived at my home.

Yes,, the "Joan of Arc Time of Legends" for Dungeons and Dragons 5e, plus its GM Screen and Sourcebook.
Sadly unrated at RPG Geek. So is that a bad thing? Or an opportunity for me to review and rate it first, I wonder?


Welcome to 15th-century Europe, in the year 1422, on a continent caught in the middle of a constant power struggle between rival families and kingdoms. Welcome to a society undergoing transformations on different social, cultural, and political levels. Feudalism is at the end of its ropes, and everyone tries to create new ways to wield power. Family feuds turn into wars between nations, temporal and spiritual powers constantly clash, and the expansion of cities challenges the traditional feudal order; they are booming and become a place of hope for most of the population, somewhere they can find economic prosperity as well as opportunities for education and social advancement. Superstitions dating back to ancient civilizations, sometimes even further back, are faced with a single religion trying to tifle them.
Faith and religion are turning into political tools, and sometimes even into instruments of oppression, driving
a lot of individuals to seek new spiritual paths, whether they believe in the Catholic Church or not. The old knightly traditions are undermined by changing doctrines and technological progress.
On top of it all, something old and wicked is brewing. A rumor, a ripple on the surface of the water that is steadily increasing and threatens to wipe everything away. The signs are multiplying, the omens are getting more and more sinister; strange creatures are lurking around villages, the spirits of the dead haunt the living at night, and prayers are no longer sufficient. Prophets and astrologers talk about a malevolent being roaming the countryside, an endless war between cousins, and heroes who will emerge to fight the darkness.
Welcome to Joan of Arc RPG.
Bestiary pre-order, plus a hardback rulebook. The Bestiary is sweet with lots more playable kin. Love this game.