[shopping] What have you splurged on recently? (continued)

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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Gods - Gallic sword and sorcery with the grogeous art has dropped the 0.66.6 version with some more to be done before done done.

Sigh, a sumptuous world, richly visualised, with a d10 dice pool and promise of more to come.

Since shipping from across the pond is not an option for the latest Kickstarter, I picked up what I think is the definitive volume for that old school renaissance atmosphere. A mighty tome indeed, clocking at 608 pages of clean black and white art with amazing pullout map.

The RQ was an impulse buy after spotting it on the shelf at the FLGS. I haven’t been into new RQ but I wanted some nice adventures to read and the production quality is top notch.

Heart was another impulse buy. I only just hear about it at the Mitchester on Friday, and it sounded cool.

Bird is a scenario for Monster Island, which is a great setting.

The three Troika books I bought for fun after seeing Dom post about them.

And the last, a niche item, I was very curious about.

They are all very nice looking products.
However, I must now chalk this year off as a big fail in the ‘read more than you buy’ dept., as I’ve already purchased 27 new print books, but only read about 15 or 20.