[selling] Various Ravenloft setting items (both D&D and Boardgame)


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Clearing material I purchased for running Curse of Strahd for D&D 5e, most of which is very lightly used as we ended up playing online.

Castle Ravenloft Boardgame £35 (£30 cash at North Star)

A1-size PVC (wipeable) Player Map of Barovia - £22 (£20 cash at North Star) - Sold to @negromaestro
(Perfect for use at the table as it’s drink-spill proof and dry-wipe compatible)

Curse of Strahd GM Screen & Tarokka Deck - £20 (£16 cash at North Star) Sold elsewhere.
(I’ll also include the two spiral bound printouts of DTRPG PDF only material that I used for my campaign for free - The Beast of Graenseskov (which is a great alternative to Death House as a campaign opener) and a Guide to Curse of Strahd, plus an A3 laminated simplified block map of the castle)

Postage by Royal Mail included, Prompt Payment by Paypal Please.
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All prices reduced and options for North Star pick up included.