Other Games Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep - Is FREE

Trust me. It is fun.

Borderlands is a pulpy yet gritty sci-fi 3rd person shooter set on a desert planet with a healthy dose of satire.

In Borderlands 2 the most successful DLC was a little side adventure where the main characters played ‘Bunkers & Badasses’ - a d20 based fantasy adventure but the DM is ‘Tina’ - the teenage character dealing with the trauma of loosing her father figure. The main characters play fantasy versions of themselves whilst Tina bases the plot firmly in what she knows.
It’s awesome because it deconstructs TTRPGs whilst staying true to Borderlands.

Okay - that didn’t sound great fun… but I think it it (personal opinion)
I played this with my husband and it was an absolute delight. Humour, satire, grenades that replicate D&D spells, a shotgun that shoots swords, and an ending that had us both in tears. Borderlands at its absolute best.