Other Games The Itch of Groundhoggoth!

Just to keep my hand in for Spooky Season, I present this hack of Lasers & Feelings, inspired by The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and the original Gothic Horror literature it draws upon.

In Gentle & Extraordinary, you are a League of remarkable & outstanding individuals, brought together by your shared experiences with the Darkness. Your purpose is to protect ordinary citizens from the denizens of the night, even if it means embracing the Darkness to fight evil with evil. Unfortunately the chairman of the League, Captain Flint, has disappeared, possibly seduced by the power of the night, so now the organisation is in disarray as they attempt to carry on without him.
Riding the wave of that post-convention energy, I have made two nano games in a Double Feature; please enjoy responsibly.

Let's Just Stay Here
The scene: a bedroom, the floor strewn with discarded armour, weapons and other inventory items. The covers stir over two entangled forms. “We ought to get up…” a voice murmurs; another responds “Five more minutes…” and does something to elicit a giggle from the first. The adventurers are off-the-clock for now.

A game for a couple to play in bed, heavy on improv, light on rules, intimacy is a requirement.

This Card is a Demon
A game on a business card! Print it out, name & describe your Demon, then choose an everyday activity that a person might perform and write it on the card; when someone you're talking to does the thing on the card, pass the card to them and they get all the fun of being possessed! Manipulate your friends! Fight for supremacy over all other Demons!