Squadron: Birmingham 2019 The End of Times

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The End of Times

Magnatron, Deacon, Agony Aunt, Electro and Steel Reign stood ready. The purple portal swelled, dominating Victoria Square. Soon Timelord would pour perils from other eras upon the streets of Birmingham. In the past only Squadron Birmingham had thwarted him - Techknight disappearing into the Portal to tackle the fiend himself - whilst his team-mates held the line in the 21st century.

Last time, the assault had cost the life of Spearhead - torn to pieces by Raptors (banned and blocked, the footage continues to resurface) - leading, most believe, to the current decline of the group.

The few squads of lightly armed riot police which was all the Force had had time to assemble - the army being still over an hour away - stood boldly reinforcing the Heroes.

There was a cheer as two Air Force Tornadoes passed overhead.

Then a gasp as the portal bifurcated - one half facing New Street, the other the Town Hall. This was new! Even Sq:B had never faced a two-headed attack.

Swarming out towards New Street came a plague of bubonic rats. Electro and Magnatron caught what they could with energy blasts but Magnatron was distracted by the flight of WW2 doodlebugs exiting over the Town Hall. Deacon was busy studying the portal leaving Magnatron the only flier available. Knocking one upwards to explode safely, he zapped another only to see it fall towards the earth nose first! Suddenly out of nowhere (well out of a taxi) Steel appeared to catch it and lower it safely to the ground.

The rest of the team were busy variously with Nazis, Tiger Tanks, Neanderthals and more. Agony Aunt clever grabbed a Stormtrooper and used him to spray his comrades with automatic fire.

Seeing an opening, Deacon swooped down and grabbed Steel Reign from the jaws of a sabre toothed tiger and flew into the portal.

They were assailed by the biting winds of the Ice Age wherein the evil Timelord had concealed his latest device. Ignoring the villain’s tirade and the bitterly biting winds, Deacon flew high into the air and dropped Steel Reign.

The android ripped through the device, into Timelord and carried them both through the metal platform to the permafrost below. A double fist demolished the villain’s skull.

No sign of the Three Laws of Robotics Magnatron had programmed into his robot barman.

The two heroes burst back through the collapsing portal to see Agony Aunt throwing her captured Nazi at a T Rex to distract it as Magnatron steered a doodlebug into it from behind. Agony Aunt dodged the ensuing gore but Electro was drenched in dinosaur.

Cue cheering crowds and adoring press.

Once things had returned to normal, the Police asked the team to look into Sq:B’s disappearance.

Once again, Techknight had failed to renew the team’s passwords and Magnatron was able to hack into their systems enough to find the team had all flown South East to face a threat they’d rated at the highest level. Monitoring CCTV and security cameras found their Jet had flown over Bournville and then disappeared.

Computer searches revealed that the famous Cadbury factory had recently been taken over by an international cartel headed by a rogue cyberneticist.

Things looked grim.

Steel Reign arranged to have himself delivered as a new piece of Artwork for the Cadbury offices whilst the rest booked a family ticket for Cadbury world......

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