Temptation waits... what are you resisting?

I'm resisting Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e. I don't need another fantasy game, even one so flavoursome, and I was never a Warhammer player back in the day, so I'd be coming to it fresh. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm almost certain to pick it up.

I'm more strongly resisting King for a Day, like Dom; it calls to me, and I don't know why. Also on the fantasy front, I'm horribly tempted by Curse of Strahd, but I don't play or run much D&D, and although fantasy gothic horror appeals, I'm not sure about fantasy gothic horror with elves and halflings etc.

My major point of resistance is Exalted 3e. I love the idea of demigods shaking up a fantasy setting. But it's huge and rules heavy. I'm fishy about the anime influences. But it hits the deep fantasy setting love. So I keep going round in circles.
You NEED it
Ich Reiklander spiel ya
I'm trying to resist Salvage Union:
Depending on your tolerance for assembling your own game from the bits someone has sold you, you might be well advised to keep resisting. It's a great idea, but the rules-as-written don't provide the game that's being advertised. It's selling a game of hopeful reconstruction, but the rules are for a grimdark game of gradual decay (punctuated with incidents of sudden unavoidable death).
I found the rules in the QuickStart uninspiring and I sold my KS copy partly because of that and partly because of the way the publishers behaved towards a contributor.
This was to someone who worked on the book. They decided that they didn’t want to have them credited in the book and kicked them off the project because they’d worked with someone else who they didn’t like (‘and didn’t realise this was the case’). The thing is, they then did a virtue signalling post that they’d done this and it was really easy to see who it was who was affected if you were a backer. I’m not backing anything they do again and I have sold both Salvage Union and Foundations as they arrived.
I have it on PDF and paper, but must admit to being tempted by the Dragonbane Bestiary Foundry VTT Module. I feel like I am buying it again for about £16, but having all that content ready to go in Foundry, well, it feels like a price worth paying.
Yes, yes, beautiful cover by Sam Manely, but what about "Vow of Absolution" that Cubicle7 promised years ago?
I am desperate to get the new Space Marines Chapter of "The Absolvers" to close out my Wrath and Glory collection.

ButI guess some book sare easier to write than others. Still, since I got Threat Assessment: Xenos, it looks like the publishing plan is on track.


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Hold on hold everything
Isn't that an Eldar ?????

By the emperors socks isn't that a Harlequin

Didn't they kill off Eldar ,at the same time " they " decided more than six figures each side was too complicated for the modern public
I'm a recent convert to Nathan Russel's FU game engine for #ttrpg. Neon City Overdrive will get an outing at Seven Hills. Does anyone have any experience with Earthdawn: The Age of Legend? It is FU based with tweaks.

I'm interested and the DrivethruRPG GM sale might pull me in.

Just cancelled off the current Heart 'A Dagger in the Heart' crowdfunding.

I picked up the core book a while ago, but didn't read it fully. Having read it this weekend, I've figured it's lovely but unlikely to make the table (whereas I can see Spire itself making it). Hence expect to see the core rules for sale soon...
I’ve not played any Games Workshop stuff for about 30 years but I’m really tempted by the new Gnome team they’ve announced for Blood Bowl.
The Savage World of Solomon Kane by Monolith on Kickstarter. An easy pledge. But then there is also Conan from the same publisher Monolith, also planned for this year, probably closer to December.

And now a conundrum:

If both Solomon Kane and Conan are for Savage Worlds, then it is an easy yes.

But what if that "Conan: The Hyborian Age" (rumors of that name) is a completely new system?


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A Twilight Imperium RPG campaign for the GENESYS system
Only the Keleres can hope to defeat this evil. When one of the Galactic Council’s early warning surveillance stations goes silent, a team of operatives must discover if this is the prelude to an invasion. Little do they realize that this will plunge them into a maelstrom of treachery, mystery, and warfare that sees the fate of the galaxy resting in their hands…
The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx

So this Kickstarter is sort of a celebratory last hurray for the official 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons by Luke Gygax and his family. I met them all at UKGE and we hit it off, so I am wanting to support their Kickstarter. But it is darn expensive, and that does not include the shipping. And yet, so many fabled elder gods of TSR are here along with the new crop. The format will be whimsy and old-school dungeon crawling. So very nostalgic.



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