Temptation waits... what are you resisting?

Electric State looks like the adults evolution of kids in Tales From The Loop.

I would have been tempted by the visionary art of Simon Stalenhag, plus, the well known Year Zero Engine, but my New year Resolution from two years back is in final stages of completion to curb purchasing different new games not already in my library by 2024.
Lulu has decided that I can’t have the Hostile Setting book I ordered for Black Friday. Clearly they’re protecting me from temptation.

Hello Dominic,

It has come to our attention that your order GBP-xxxxxxxxd cannot be completed because the source files for the project “Hostile Setting (Hardback)” contain errors preventing it from being printed. We've unfortunately had no choice but to remove this item from your order, and have refunded you accordingly. We apologize for the delay in notifying you. The other items in this order are printing and shipping as expected. Our print partner is running behind normal production times due to a high volume of orders, and our support team has only just now been notified of the problem with your order.

We'll also be contacting the author to make them aware of the problem, but we do apologize for any inconvenience that this may create. Please check back on the bookstore in the coming days, as the author will likely make the book available for sale again as soon as they have had a chance to update the files.

Thank you,
Carol H.
Lulu Press, Inc.
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Lulu has decided that I can’t have the Hostile Setting book I ordered for Black Friday. Clearly they’re protecting me from temptation.
As soon as Zozer enables an A5 printing of their books (which in my view suits the existing typesetting better than A4, so would involve no effort), I'll probably order one of everything they do.
I don't even run stuff on Roll20 right now..

Take Your Adventures on the Road with Roll20!

The Uncharted Journeys Roll20 package comes with everything in the book and more!
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Happy 2024.

I doubt I am resting these, except for finance, since ",The Trone of thorns" is a highly lauded Symbaroum campaign in the category of must-plays, like Warhammer Fantasy "The Enemy Within".

And best of all in D&D 5e for those of us not moving to D&D 5.5 or 5-plus or "2024 D&D that was once called One D&D"
So the 75 year copyright expired just this 1st of January and already a Kickstarter is launched using the "Steamboat Mickey" aesthetic.

That was fast!

I am tempted by it, but this may also be an AI driven cash grab Plus my New Year Resolution not to splurged on a whim and a prayer, and only if meticulously selected new purchases enhance my pre-existing currated library.


I'm still resisting Imperium Maldictousthingy, maybe until this evening
Let me help stop resisting. It is d100, so way smoother to run than Wrath and Glory. Yes, the usual high failure rates with roll under average stats of 35 to 40 for those wanting their heroes to succeed often on dice rolls. But a lot of improvements in rules to help use environment and role play to grant temporary bonuses so you have like a baseline 40 Attribute plus a bonus of 10 or 20, suddenly making a roll under 60 a better prospect.

Patrons system is useful too, especially for storytelling.

And best of all, easy to use with simple conversions , that vast library of FFG Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader.