[shopping] Temptation waits... what are you resisting?


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If you like Glorantha, and I say this as someone who may not entirely warm to HQ, then HQ:G is worth having. It's a lot more Glorantha than Heroquest 2 was/is.

It's much better than HW.

However it's not going away, Chaosium are rebranding.


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The SJG version of HQ was much more traditional in presentation, the HQ:G version takes the story beats ideas from Robin Laws and integrates them in. The version of HQ standalone on the Chaosium site is the same (as this is HQ2). I suspect that you could ignore the story beats element if you wanted to.

I've only skimmed the rules in HQ:G but what I can say is that all the versions post the original box set have been much more clearly presented than the Hero Wars box set ever was and that you could still draw on HW books.

If I was to revisit Glorantha, it would be via HQ, or via HQ ported into Wordplay/Tripod.


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Is it worth getting HQ:G if I already have the Hero Wars box set? Did they manage to sort out the rules (and maybe do some proof reading...)? What extra stuff is there?
Sorry afraid I was in 'deep freeze' when Hero Wars came out, so I can only talk to HQ:G, which is fairly easy to understand with few errors. That said it is quite a mental shift to go to 'conflict resolution' from the task resolution of most trad RPGs.

I like both RQ:G and HQ:G, the former is good for crunchy tactical combat, the latter for fast-paced more narrative styles.


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However it's not going away, Chaosium are rebranding.
It's a rebrand and a new edition for the main rulebook. Ian Cooper has been working on it steadily over the last couple of years. He's currently doing examples.

If you are feeling really cheap, the rules, sans colourful examples are available for free via the Quest Worlds SRD



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About the HQ:G rulebook, it's a nice all in one Rules + Glorantha. I'm currently on a break from Glorantha, having run many, many games/con games over the last 30 years, but at the moment it's the ruleset I'd probably use to run a quick campaign.

I've not used it in anger, but it's the first of the HeroWars/HeroQuest books that I would have been 100% happy passing over the table to my players.
Apparently, some of the worked examples aren't 100%, but that's not surprising because they were hurriedly thrown together before the authors went to Eternal Con :D
I love the Carbon Grey comics. So very high temptation to start off.


Then Marie Kondo's wisdom kicks in, with strong warnings of Tsundoku.

So depending on the game engine, I get a boon to Resistance vs Temptation. Unless it uses something I already play like my many Third Party 5e books, or my YZE hoard of Fria Ligan or the Modiphius 2d20 (Homeland Revelations this fall). Yes, yes, and Savage Worlds too.

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