[Traveller] Session 24: Layers of Face Off


The Guvnor
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Drinax 62-1106
The player's flotilla jumped into Drinax, to rendezvous with the Annic Nova that had been jumping into and out of Deep Void on a repeating schedule for weeks. They thought it would be simple. Ha ha ha.
A flotilla of 8 ships from the Pax Rulin reserve colonial fleet were in system, demanding the handovr of the AN to the Iridium Throne. About 6000dt in total.
Now that my have been fun, but there were also 6 deeply ECMed and "relatively" incognito and "roughly" 1000dt each warships. In schoolbook Galanglic they made it clear that they would destroy the AN before letting it fall into Imperial hands.
So more fun.
Then the Annic Nova jumped into system.

Stay tuned.


The Guvnor
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So. The six deeply cloaked ships are Zhodani deep reconnaissance Tozjabr ships, breaking cover since the last thing they want is the Imperium gaining psionic inducing nanotechnology, and are willing to show their hand to stop it. The eight Imperial ships are the 192nd Punishment Flotilla under the idiot Admiral Krond. Which is when both Hroal Irontooth and Admiral Darokyn arrive in system. Both with 10-12 ships of 100-1100dt.

The players role played their tits off (it's a technical term) and prevented a full blown shoot out, which meant that the Nova (which has two separate jump batteries) could jump out of harm's way.

The Zhodani were then able to withdraw, never having revealed who they were (yes they really are that good), and despite tensions all round Krond "changed his mind", refueled and went on his way. (More on that later maybe.)

Hroyal has sworn fealty to fight for Drinax as a vassal, and to receive land grants on Asim as reward. Darokyn agreed to take possession of the Annic Nova on Theev.

Crisis over.

(Duncan and I had the full fleets statted up for a battle. Neither of us wanted it to happen for real in game reasons, and at the table since we suspected that even with our new streamlined rules it'd take forever.)