[Traveller] Session 23: Honour on Theev..


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Session 23: Honour on Theev..
323-326-1105 On Theev

327-1105 to 62-1106 Jumping around and back

This is another important spoiler full part of the PoD campaign.

Theev is a very high tech system, a lair for multiple pirate gangs. The major three are Hroal Irontooth’s band, Petyr Valis’ gang and Admiral Darokyn’s flotilla. The players are old allies of Irontooth and quickly gravitated to joining him in the lawless Under City, having a good time and catching up. They realised that what Irontooth really needed was territory, so they offered him a governorship and a large tract of land on Asim if he joined the Drinax Navy as an auxiliary force.. an offer he accepted.

They met a homeless and somewhat distressed Llellewyloly [Llellewyloly - Traveller (travellerrpg.com)], who guided them around. Irontooth told them they needed to track Redthane via his first mate: Miria Silverhand.. who they also knew of old, and that she had been seen in the Wrecks, abandoned shells of old spaceships.


They were ambushed by a streetgang, oh that went fast and deadly for the street kids, and Taka adopted the surviving urchin: Alley Kat.

Admiral Darokyn invited the characters to dine. He is known to be a former Imperial Admiral who absconded to piracy. Indeed Alex had a longstanding brief from the MoJ to investigate him and pass on information that might lead to his capture. The dinner was formal, exquisite foods and drinks, crisp service, aides hurrying to and fro with messages. As a surprise Darokyn knew all about the Annic Nova and offered them 1.5billion credits of shipyard. Credit on Theev, plus a ‘small’ 50MCr deposit. The characters accepted.

Not interested in Petyr Valis, they tracked down Miria Silverhand in a ruined ship wreck and after a short firefight (again, the characters are very very hard in combat), they blew her to bits. Fortunately they interrogated her computer and realised that Redthane was hiding in the nearby Palindrome system.

They jumped to Palindrome, ignored the system, found Redthane, fired a warning shot and intimidated the crew into shooting Redthane in the back of the head.. and recruited the crew and ship to their band.
In the sealed and encrypted files of Redthane they found evidence that Darokyn isn’t estranged from the Imperium at all, but is an agent of Naval Intelligence and a deep cover proxy operation to buffer the region from Aslan expansion. They decided to keep this knowledge secret.

Jumped back to Theev – to Fuel Dump – to Borite to Torpol, collected bounty, - to Clarke, where the locals carbonited him and placed him in orbit – collected bounty – to Drinax..

On arrival there were 2 flotillas: one Imperial and one (probably) Zhodani: facing off --- oops