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Portal Games have now sorted shipping on the Vienna Connection (UK orders weren't allowed previously because Brexit) so if you want to pre-order it you can do so until 30th April 2021.

Vienna Connection preorders for UK are open!
We have fantastic news for you about Vienna Connection, our brand new cooperative espionage game set in the Cold War era. We have cleared all the issues connected with shipping to the UK and are very happy to provide you

with the dedicated link to the product in our store:


Preorder your copy now, to:

  • Get all of the additional components and bonuses unlocked during the preorders campaign (view details here).
  • Receive the game before its official release date.
UK preorders will end by April 30th, end of day, and will be shipped to you in the first half of May.

If you see other products in the store that are interesting to you, feel free to add them to your order.
Please note, that these preorders are meant for UK customers only.

All the best!
Portal Games Team