Darkening of Mirkwood Poems

A goodly portion of tonight's game can be summed up by two poems by Simon Rogers/Nolwe the High Elf.

There once was a cowardly wight,
He saw a high elf and took flight,
He stepped into the Sun,
And started to run,
And faded away in the light.

* * *

Sleep ancient kings,
Let your thoughts wander to the West,
Where the flower of Numenor lies,
In the caves of the Forgotten.
Rest your crowned heads,
Dream of royal courts and treasure,
The golden years of your glory,
Before you met your mortal end.


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And more of Simon's work:

"A courteous dwarf with an axe,
Sliced up great orcs with nonchalant thwacks,
He offered his thanks,
As he cut through their ranks,
And he bowed as they showed him their backs."


"A woodswoman of notable might,
Decided to chat and not fight,
A hillman replied,
By chopping her thighs,
But the other one soon saw the light."