Peril Planet's Freeform Universal RPG - Action Tales!

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
Having got excited about 1981's best RPG, DragonQuest, to show my eclectic side, I have really got excited about Peril Planet's Freeform Universal RPG, more generically known as 'Action Tales! RPG'. In particular the 2e of the game, currently in beta (free download). I have Neon City Overdrive and Star Scoundrels to play with at conventions next year. This is a super light narrative game with characters described by tag phrases including: 'Trademarks' (concept), associated 'Edges' (skills and abilities) 'Drives' (motivators), and 'Gear' (gear!).

The game is a D6 dice pool with action dice taken from appropriate Tags (including scenery) and difficulty dice taken from opponents, difficulties and character conditions. Danger dice cancel out same numbered action dice one for one, leaving you with a result of highest remaining action die (if any). This result (1-6) gives you a range from 6 (Yes And) to 1 (No And...). So a result of 1-3 is some sort of failure and 4-6 some sort of success. There's an update that includes 'Pressure', where uncancelled Danger Dice that are a 6 goes onto a Pressure clock. When that gets to a value of 6, something fateful and unwelcome happens!

The 2e game has some mechanical grift, with weapons and armour (L/M/H) dishing out and absorbing increasing damage and your result also boosts damage. Scale is also factored in, with Danger Dice also quick calculated depending on the type of adversary, from Mook to Boss. Damage tracks can also be scaled easily in an Ironsworny kind of way. It looks light, narrative and a lot of fun.

There's more here:

The game reminds me a little of my own Tripod (Traits in Pools of Dice) game, and looks good for some fast inventive play. I hope to have a go at the Cyberpunk Neon City Overdrive, having started to mess about with a location map of my home town...

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