Neon City Overdrive at Seven Hills 2024

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
I'm glad to be able to attend Seven Hills this year, one of a brace of great ttrpg conventions in Sheffield, UK. The convention has a theme to guide GMs who submit games. the theme for 2024 will be 'Punk'.

I'll be running some Neon City Overdrive, using 'Acton Tales!', my current tingle system. Here's my game write up...

Amongst the stiffling towers of storm-wracked SOYA-plex (South Yorkshire Authority), your alt-soc team has a job. A mother looking for her missing daughter. People disappear in the ‘Bation all the time, so this is a simple job, which is also bringing in much needed, stable, corporate credits, a regrettable necessity.

The year is 2124. You exist on the fringes, cyphers, enigmas, finding a way and defying the pervasive corporate control. SOYA-plex is a forgotten cosmopolis, in the middle of the irrelevant ‘England Administration’. More than a century of stubbornly unreversed Break-It™ has divided the once United Kingdom, leaving a disgraced, forgotten, and bankrupt state. On the edge of the prosperous EuroZone, belligerent England, drunk on its ancient past, has been acquired by an avalanche of corporate powers and other competing interests.

As living standards decline for a sizable majority, the corporate powers have ushered in a new age of opportunity and industry. Employment is high, but meaningless, as more complex jobs are automated by AI, or serviced by cheap, dependable, bioroids. Across the Channel, environment protection, wealth and creativity distribution have created more viable and alternative lifestyles. England’s borders are, finally, closed, but that is to keep people in.

Let's return to Sheffield, one hundred years from now. It could be worse, only half an hour away lies Shudderfield…​

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Mind you, Shudderfield is on very high ground so the Cult of Arald Vilssen is safe.