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Through Monday, May 20 we present the all-new Mongoose JTAS Bundle featuring the Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society, the Traveller guide from Mongoose Publishing. The Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society is your indispensable guide to adventuring in the Third Imperium of Traveller. Each 128-page volume is a treasure trove of information and enhancements, including adventures, new ships, alien creatures from across Charted Space, philosophical musings on the big empires, histories, different takes on familiar equipment, new vehicles, patrons, characters you meet in starports, playable alien races, and more.

This offer launches on May Day, May 1, known to many SFRPG fans as Traveller Day. The cover of the first Traveller boxed set (1977) featured Free Trader Beowulf‘s iconic call – the universal distress call m’aidez! (French “help me”), transliterated as “Mayday.” This JTAS Bundle, along with our Moon Toad Cepheus Engine offer in progress, mark the holiday and the original SFRPG’s continuing influence. And there’s more Traveller ahead!

This JTAS Bundle can boost your Mongoose Traveller campaign like a Jump-4 drive. Pay just US$24.95 to get the first twelve volumes of JTAS (2019-2023, retail value $180) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks. In this list, each link goes to the DriveThruRPG product page that lists highlights of that volume.

Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society Volume 01: Burst lasers, a turret weapon midway between pulse and beam lasers; guides to piracy and smuggling in the Spinward Marches; new variants of the trusty ATV; theDelphinus Starliner, to travel in absolute comfort; the Two Thousand worlds of the K’kree; the Dynchia, fully playable humanoid aliens.

JTAS V02: The Githiasko, for those wanting to try a truly alien playable race; “Last Flight of the Themis”; battle fleets of the Marches; the Quiet Vigilance patrol vessel; “Airstrike,” a complete guide to raining death upon your enemies; exotic atmospheres of strange worlds.

JTAS V03: Cartridge laser weapons, for those wanting to avoid heavy power packs; Zhodani military organization; the nitty-gritty of Jump drive operations; engage in electronic warfare in “War in the Fourth Dimension”; the Tvastar Manufactory Ship, a vessel designed for instant colonization; enact a prison break in “Rescue on Ruie.”

JTAS V04: The Hlanssai, a playable alien race from the Vargr Extents; a Travellers’ guide to the Florian League; Siduri Station, a complete starport; the Mainstrider 300T, a new trading vessel for starting Travellers; unknown blips; Imperial Marine Task Force Organization.

JTAS V05: A rescue mission with advanced fire engines in the adventure “Chariots of Fire”; field equipment of the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service; salvage rights of derelict spacecraft; damage control operations on ships under fire; Jump Boats and their Jump Boat Tenders; the Virushi, a one-ton playable alien race.

JTAS V06: Vehicle-mounted missiles; the Steppehauler Modular Freighter, with prototype Hop Drive; maritime vehicles; making a tramp trader profitable; stars and stellar objects in deep space; save a populated world from a hurtling asteroid in the adventure “Critical Vector.”

JTAS V07: A week in Jump; “Misadventures at Blinderby Manor”; Initial 24 Armaments Go Cases and Energy Weapons; stellar cartography; the Spacer’s Union; the Black Zone Astro-Tomb; advanced lasers; the Golden Dawn yacht; Krungha Processing Ark; Deepnight character creation; immigration in the Imperium; Iderati Space Defense System.

JTAS V08: Divine intervention; “Care Package”; Omicron – the Mythical Weaponsmith; the Gauss Rifle’s big brother; Sojourner light trader; talking about turrets; the Pink Diamond; the Hunter Career; BB-2 Nuclear Powered Bus.

JTAS V09: “Icebox Found at the Exe Cutoff”; Zadony-Tessen Survival Armaments; Belvedere Station; criminal organizations of the Marches; Vindicator Logging heavy walker.

JTAS V10: Tamara’s Travelling Tavern; “The Argon Gambit”; intrusion decks; Iris Valves – a users and abusers guide; organized crime in the Core; Evergreen research vessel; the Zhodani fleet; monetizing heroism; hunting and preparing food; soldiers, officers, and Specialists; advanced education; Unicycle of Mass Destruction.

JTAS V11: Stateroom excess; musical instruments; Ajilchin prospector ship; the Sword of Oberon; starships of the Spinward Extents; colonising the Tijian Expanse; spacecraft as benefits; Mighty Maus Mobile Centre; heavy plant vehicles.

JTAS V12: “Suits You, Sophont” (clothing options); starports and airships of the Imperium; Kyriani “The Wolf of the Marches” Nakamura, captain of the Triplebrick; Geonee ships; Hhkar Sublight Drive Systems; games for gamblers; campaign bloat.

Aid is at hand, traveller! Get this Mongoose JTAS offer before it takes High Passage Monday, May 20.

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