Milton Keynes club


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The Milton Keynes Roleplaying Games club meets every Tuesday evening in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes. We currently have over 40 active members, and run about seven concurrent games. We meet in York House, a community centre, which has lots of small rooms. Most games are played in individual rooms, but sometimes we have to put two games in one large room.

Fees are around £5/month, to cover the hall hire. First two sessions are free.

We have details about club times and location and the timetable of game blocks. We typically play eight-week mini-campaigns interspersed with three weeks of short or one-off games. People pitch games for the next block and everyone votes to which game they'd like to play.

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Heh. Back in '85 or so I used to wonder when York House would collapse. I must have been really ignorant about built structures at the time. :p