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Rune Priest
This is a write up of a game of Is It A Plane!? played at the Edinburgh Indie Gamers meetup on 27/04/2019

This is the adventure from the Is It A Plane quickstart book, available free at DriveThruRPG. The setup for the game is that the PCs are a collection of superheroes and anti-heroes with bad reputations who have been gathered together as a superhero team by a film studio. The studio intends to film a documentary of their exploits to improve the way the public see them (and make the studio money, naturally).

Our "heroes":
Cave Girl: Half-human and half-Hypogean, one of the first superheroes, she emerged from her underground kingdom during WW2 and was a hit with the public, until her father and his armies came out after her...
Danger Man: recipient of a mystic fortune potion, good luck for him is often bad luck for those around him...
Refractor: a particle physicist who has invented a matter manipulation suit that allows her to teleport, amongst other things. Gained a bad rep as she took to a life of crime to fund the expensive suit, but now is reformed and covertly working for the government.
Bloodskull/Brainwave: Conjoined twins separated by an experimental teleportation technique, now Bloodskull has no skin and only half a brain, while Brainwave is only a brain. They have become mercenaries to pay for the expensive life-support armour suit they wear.
Athlete: A 13 year-old girl, once the martial artist sidekick of the hero Coach, who was murdered by the villainous Shock. Now Athlete tries (too hard) to prove she can make it by herself in a dangerous world.
Night Terror: An insubstantial monster that exists only to torment evil-doers and bring terror into their lives. It hunts mercilessly, but only the wicked need fear it...


Redeemers #1: The Show Must Go On

Cover: Introducing the Redeemers, clockwise from top left: Night Terror, Refractor, Cave Girl, Danger Man, Bloodskull and Brainwave, and Athlete.

Hearing that the villain Shock has kidnapped his sister Awe from protective custody and is holed up in a cottage in the mountains, the production company responsible for bring the heroes together to film "The Redeemers" sends them after Shock in a helicopter (with a cameraman). As they approach the cottage, Brainwave/Bloodskull and Danger Man jump out of the helicopter and Refractor teleports herself to the roof of the abandoned factory nearby. As the helicopter gets closer, a bolt of lightning shoots out at it from the cottage.

Page 1:

Page 1:
Brainwave/Bloodskull shouts "Jumanji" as they fall from the sky, firing their cannon at the cottage whilst Shock fires lightning at the helicopter.

Cave Girl leaps from the helicopter to intercept the lightning, absorbing it into her body. The powerful jump destabilizes the helicopter, while the near miss of lightning fries the controls.

Night Terror floats away from the helicopter, focussing it's fear powers on the cottage.

Refractor teleports away from the roof of the factory...

Shock throws another lightning bolt, but as luck would have it strikes a previously undetected lightning rod and grounds himself out (thanks, Danger Man!).

...Refractor re-appears outside the cottage.

Refractor spawns a duplicate of herself.
Page 2:

The duplicate Refractor climbs the stairs...

...and discovers Awe. Unfortunately the real Refractor loses control of the duplicate, who decides to take Awe for herself and ransom her.

Athlete drops exploding shot puts onto the cottage, setting it on fire and causing the real Refractor to retreat.

As the cottage burns, Athlete parachutes away from the dangerously out of control helicopter...

...landing safely on the ground.

The duplicate Refractor teleports Awe out to the quarry to the south.

Page 3:

Refractor teleports the pilot and cameraman out of the helicopter, leaving it empty to spiral to the ground.

Cave Girl lands in the quarry, discharging her lightning into the duplicate Refractor.

Danger Man lands at the cottage and punches Shock.

Athlete leaps onto the roof of the burning cottage and with a witty remark takes Shock out of the fight!
Page 4:

Night Terror uses it's fear powers on the duplicate Refractor.

Brainwave/Bloodskull watches the descending helicopter and attempts to blow up the cottage, only managing to fan the flames.

Brainwave/Bloodskull hears approaching police sirens and turns to look at them.

Night Terror abandons the fight against the duplicate Refractor for now and attempts to smother the fire at the cottage, reducing the flames.

Brainwave/Bloodskull takes Night Terror's place fighting the duplicate Refractor, although with a more physical approach.

As the police near, Danger Man and Refractor play Rock Scissors Paper to decide who gets to rescue Awe and who has to talk to the police. Danger Man wins (of course).

Page 5:

Cave Girl causes a soft cushion of earth to rise up at the point the helicopter is going to crash into the ground, catching it safely.

Refractor talks to the police as they arrive, assuring them everything is under control...
Page 6:

Athlete leaps into action, using her martial arts skills against the policemen who are about to interfere in her moment of triumph. In the background, the fire at the cottage rages higher.

"Sleep time!", Athlete beats all the police into unconsciousness, as...

...Brainwave/Bloodskull watches the ground by the cottage explode, sending the helicopter flying. "Uh-oh, Shock's back!"

Page 7:

With the application of all her power, Refractor teleports the unconsciousness policemen to the nearby hospital.
Page 8:

As the rest of the police cars approach, Athlete fires a volley of sleep-gas javelins at them. "Snore, pigs".

Cave Girl smothers the burning remains of the cottage with earth, extinguishing the fire.

Athlete's javelins find their target, putting all the police to sleep.

Page 9:

Brainwave/Bloodskull opens fire on Shock with their cannon...

...blasting him to the ground, and going crazy with blood lust.

Night Terror reaches out with it's insubstantial arm to batter the body of Shock.

Danger Man grabs the duplicate Refractor as Night Terror turns to watch.
Page 10:

Night Terror returns to using it's fear power on the duplicate Refractor, as Danger Man luckily finds a stick of dynamite and attaches it to the duplicate's back.

Sensing the danger from Brainwave/Bloodskull, Refractor creates holographic images of the rest of the team around herself.

Page 11:

The crazed Brainwave/Bloodskull opens fire on the team with all of their weapons, however he has fallen for Refractor's holographic decoys - good for the rest of the team, but tough on Refractor.

Page 12:

Danger Man bounces a brick off of Brainwave/Bloodskull's head dome, cracking it...

...as Cave girl opens an escape tunnel in the earth and pulls Refractor in.

Athlete, in full attack mode, launches herself at the dazed and confused Brainwave/Bloodskull...

...pushing the duplicate Refractor into Brainwave/Bloodskull just in time for the exploding dynamite to take them both out.

"Tricky, but we can sort it out in the edit", says the cameraman.