[FATE] Ghost in the Shell Infected SAC2.0


The Guvnor
Staff member
"Ghost in the Shell: Ghost is infected.
[written by Carl Clare and run with thanks]

Aramaki wants you. His office. Now. Section 9 has expanded and you are the new recruits. Taken from many backgrounds and services you are a team, each has their own value but as a team you complete each other.
Taking his cue from the end of the Laughing Man incidents, a new threat has arisen. A terrorist calling himself ‘Herr Doktor’ and his ‘Plague Demons’ are terrorising many of the main corporations. Demanding blackmail money the Doktor and his demons cause workers to berserk, killing co-workers and clients alike. Some companies have allowed home working to reduce the potential risk but many still refuse to do so. Aramaki won’t say where the Major and her team are, making it clear it is none of your business. “Now earn your place in Section 9. Stop this Doktor before he moves on to the government.”