Squadron: Birmingham 2019 Firefall

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As the group ditched the ambulance and switched to a parked people carrier - stealing cars was the least of the concerns right now -Magnatron spoke:

“I’ve had an idea. Shouldn’t we check him for a tracking device?”

Electro scanned PsiClone’s comatose form. She detected five energy signatures - two in his clothes, one on the hospital identity bracelet and two implanted sub-dermally. She burnt out all five - the two subdermal ones causing even more damage on the old man’s ravaged form.

Magnatron cried out. He’d had plans for those trackers.

Steel Reign’s driving skills got the team back to their current hideout without being followed, apparently.

At the warehouse, they were able to arouse the comatose old man they’d rescued and their worst fears were confirmed. The broken emaciated figure did contain the Psyche of Miasma. She was clearly shaken by what had happened to her, what had befallen her team-mates and the weakened body in which she found herself.

As Agony Aunt counselled her, Magnatron put together the burnt remnants of the three trackers to make a single functioning unit. He said he had a plan to use the tracker to lure their opponents into a trap and destroy them with high explosives. (He was vague as to the source of the explosives.)

On the last of their burner phones, using Steel Reign as a hot spot, they saw yet more doctored footage - this time of their attack upon a mental hospital. Clearly they were rescuing their leader - the evil PsiClone. Apparently the villains had an escape route from the Rotunda before they blew it up.

Birmingham was placed under Martial Law for the safety of its citizens. Anyone who’d known the villains - Gorrilla Girl, Senior Sergeant MacMillan et al - were being Rounded up and placed into “protective custody”. Clearly hostages. A message was being sent.

The small group began to plan. After a short while, Magnatron assumed the form of a non descript passerby and headed to the nearest small shopping centre for supplies - accompanied by a flying, invisible Deacon.

As he left, Miasma took Agony Aunt aside. Given the wrecked state of her current physical shell, she asked to be injected with the scientist’s experimental serum. Agony Aunt didn’t hesitate. Somehow the old man’s atrophied body survived the system shock and was bolstered by the DNA of dinosaurs, homunculi and more.

Wandering the streets, Magnetron began to notice more and more police. Vehicles were hidden in side streets.

When some Police stopped Magnetron and his powers were revealed he was ambushed by “The Flame of Justice” and “Ice Warrior” - who were in turn ambushed by Deacon. In the ensuing fracas Firefly was knocked out - hundreds of feet up in the air. Rather than catching him, Deacon accompanied him to the ground - in exactly the same way the Villain had tried to accompany Agony Aunt in their first encounter all those months ago. The fall completely destroyed Firefly’s body, scattering the nearby police with gore.

The two erstwhile heroes headed back to their friends. They all executed Plan B. Not having a plan B they simply ran.

In the moonlight they could discern a circle of standing stones in a nearby field. Stones which had not been there before. So they turned and ran away from the open country and directly back to the centre of Birmingham.

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