Electronic Games - What have you played recently?


Rune Priest
To mirror the RPG and Boardgaming threads, what computer, console games or even mobile games have you played recently?
I'll start. I'm back on the post-apocalyptic Planet of Pandora (as in box geddit?) playing the first Borderlands game. The second game and the prequel may be slicker and more colourful, but I'm a big fan of the grungy feel of the original game. Its a simple game with a lot of depth. On the surface is a run and gun First Person Shooter, that has rpg elements (you have a choice of four character types, who all level up and have skill trees for example). Its also inspired by Rogue style games, and the games' initial conception apprently came about whent he lead developer worked out that the three styles of game FPS/RPG/Rogue had game cycles that could insect.

I remember the first time I played it when I had that magic moment where I realised it was just a big old D&D sandbox in space :)

Here's the intro video that explains it, and which hooked me as well as introduced me to the band Cage the Elephant.

Can't believe that it first came out ten years ago this Sept :)

Banner Saga 1. Grim but rewarding Norse style fantasy game with checkerboard turn based combat.
I've dipped back into Champions Online for the first time in nearly six years. It's a bit quiet and was never quite as much fun as City of Heroes, but still enjoyable; and I'm a sucker for superheroes. A friend decided to retrieve his old account too, so we should be teaming up soon. I generally only play cooperative games.
If you like your Communist Soviet dystopia science fiction, you'll probably like Raven software's flawed classic First Person Shooter Singularity.

and here's a detailed analysis of it (with spoilers).

Getting into Kingdom Come Deliverance. A great Medieval RPG on the PS4 by Warhorse Studios. Start as a Peasant and work your way through the Story to become a Knight. This is one of the best Online RPGs I have ever played. On par with Witcher 3 imho.
I'm nearly 40,000 battles into a World of Tanks Blitz habit that started back in December 2014. Some of those games are the eldest child's but probably 3/4 mine.
I'm nearly 40,000 battles into a World of Tanks Blitz habit that started back in December 2014. Some of those games are the eldest child's but probably 3/4 mine.
I saw 40,000 and immediately thought it was the new-ish Warhammer 40,000 game, Battlefleet Gothic Armada II. I am still on the first edition, three years old, but just not enough time these days with competing responsibilities and analog table top options.
No, the only Warhammer computer games that I ever played were the Space Hulk based ones.
Having fun with Greedfall at the moment. A Colonialism Fantasy hybrid which has a good back story and overall main plot.

It harkens back to the old BioWare RPGs of yesteryear. It has that play style about it with all the things you expect engine wise. Where it shines is the well thought out plot and excellent side quests. Not bad for a smallish Computer Games Studio.

Two of my 2019 Games I have played this year have been by small Studios. A recommendation for Warhorse Studios Kingdom Come Deliverance and Spiders Greedfall.
Late-night relaxation via grinding the new European line in World of Tanks Blitz. I've reached the Italian sports cars tanks - all speed and fancy automatic reloaders with no armour, and they're fun.
Finished my first run-through of Queen's Wish: The Conqueror, the new game from SpiderWeb. Very retro in style and feel (but Jeff Vogel has come a long way from the early days. I'm currently playing another SpiderWeb game while I still can - Geneforge 1. I've beaten this along with GF2 in the past, got part way into GF3 and got stuck (I ran out of cash and couldn't travel to my next location) and never played 4 or 5. Jeff has plans to give this series the HD treatment.
Finished Geneforge 1. Compared to later Spiderweb games, it feels extremely retro although it has the standard SpiderWeb gameplay feel.

It's a science-fantasy world, you are a member of a sect of magic-users who use technology as well as magic. You can play as one of 3 classes - Shaper (focuses on summoning creatures - known as shaping), Guardian (focuses on combat), and Agent (focuses on magic). Shapers are weak in combat, but are OK on magic, this is the class I usually play. Guardians are weak in magic and Agents are weak in shaping but OK in the third style.

Basically, you play as a one-person party but can add created creatures to the roster. These creatures are under your control if you give them sufficient intelligence and will fight for you. You can create creatures with melee, ranged or magic attacks.

The premise of the game is that as an apprentice you are travelling to your next training post and are shipwrecked en route. You are cast away on Sucia Island - which turns out to be barred to the sect. You need to explore the island to find a boat and incidentally to find out why the island was barred. The island is home to serviles - created but fertile creatures who serve the sect as servants and labourers. There are 3 servile factions resident on Sucia plus the outsiders (who are allied to one of the factions). At the end of the game, you have 3 choices - use the eponymous Geneforge to transform yourself into effectively a god, destroy it or walk away and let one of the factions use it.

My biggest gripe about the interface is the extremely limited inventory space - you have a maximum of 20 slots, most items aren't stackable and the inventory counts against your encumbrance limit. In later games, Jeff introduced 'junk bags' - anything you planned to sell went into the bag and didn't form part of your inventory, and encumbrance was only for equipped items. The other thing that some don't like about the interface is the isometric movement; it can take a little getting used but I'm OK with it.

Retro but enjoyable. Now on to Geneforge 2.

(Given the issues around ebook management with Catalina, I'm holding off on the upgrade until the DRM can be stripped from my purchases.)
Enjoying a bit of Shadow of Mordor on the Xbox.
I like the fact that you are half ranger and half wraith..
I've got a little into this recently. Some favourites:

An unfortunate addiction to Minecraft. Though I've not played for a month or two now.

No Man's Sky, playing at exploring a weird galaxy and finding resources, with the occasional special mission.

Diablo 3 for a fun brainless dungeon bash.

Stellaris for space empire management strategy that tells the story of a civilisation.

The computer RPG experience of Divinity 2: Original Sin. Like and yet completely unlike the RPGs we talk about here.

But right now I've dialled back in order to write stuff.
Having fun with The Outer Worlds on the PS4 since Friday. It is by Obsidian who brought us Fallout New Vegas. It is a game which does not have any bugs in it on launch (so far not seen any bugs).

You are a Colonist who is thawed out (with some interesting side effects) to help a fugitive Scientist to revive the other Colonists. In a setting where the Corporations run the System. It has the usual moral dilemmas mixed in with funny and the creepy.

Also picked up Dragon Age Inquisition which was on Special Offer on PS Store for £4 at the moment. Cannot complain at that.
Decided to take the plunge and start Death Stranding. Supernatural Post Apocalypse UPS Parcel Delivery Game :). I am enjoying it so far with the game play. The overall story is very good and interesting (no spoilers given). I would recommend the soundtrack, it is a thing of listening beauty.

It tries a few different things it is online and other Player structures appear in your Game World. It uses the Like system from FB. It is an interesting concept a single player game which is influenced by other players of the game. In game it does nod to this. You can shout "Hello I am Sam" and get a reply "I am Sam as well".
Just bought and installed No Man’s Sky on the Xbox. It’s gorgeous. It’s the kind of game I could lose hours on. At the moment I’ve died once and am hunting for a Hermetic Seal to fix my ship.