D101 Games is 60

First two days worth of posts


D101-02 D101 GAMES AT CONTINUUM 2008

Next up are actual gamebook releases :) I explain in the first post about the website my rationale why I can get away with assigning non-books with stock numbers :D

Note: D101-02 has pictures of some folk you might know FROM OVER TEN YOUNG YEARS AGO! :D
I recognise that buffet! :D. The 'silver' amphorae now have dried flower arrangements in my sitting room.
Hmm, logging some PDFs and cross-referencing between RPGGeek and LibraryThing series.

What happened to the Monkey Quickstart? I can't find it anywhere... The links appear to be dead and I seem to be missing that.
If you were a backer of the Kickstarter, drop me a line and I'll sort you out.
Sadly not.

I did pick up the PDFs October last year via the d101 store and don't recall seeing it then. I've been working my way through my RPG PDFs logging them on LibraryThing, and ran across an entry for it on RPGGeek and went looking and found the defunct DriveThru link.