Squadron: Birmingham 2019 Crushing disappointment

Crushing Disappointment

Having secured Skylord’s Space Station and its army of robots, the team needed to return to Earth to stop Slink from releasing all of the criminals - empowered and otherwise - from Winson Green prison.

Leaving Techknight and Deacon to secure the facility, they flew down to find Warrior waiting for them. He congratulated them on their recent successes - especially the way they’d suckered Techknight into taking the first wave of attacks. He assured them they’d not find him such a patsy.

As a group they approached the prison. Their Sq:B ID got them in, and Frostorm and Firefly were duly incarcerated. Electro, Agony Aunt and Warrior went to see the Governor whilst Magnetron and Steel Reign went to check the prison’s secret back-up generators. (Magnetron had discovered them during his computer research.) as expected, they had been located and booby trapped by the villain’s. The first booby trap was so cunningly low if that it defeated the high tech heroes. They accidentally activated it and one the prison’s two emergency power reserves was blown up.

Fortunately they learnt their lesson and managed to secure the other location. And the explosion had attracted the attention of their occasional companion Steel, who joined the group at the Prison.

Meanwhile, the prison Governor - who’d taken exception to being called “Warden” by the TV watching Heroes - was proving uncooperative. On Warrior’s command, Electro killed the CCTV cameras in the office and the senior hero began to place pressure on the recalcitrant official. When his persuasion crossed a line that Electro could not abide, she secretly reactivated the security.

Having been given full access to the prison, the Heroes set out to secure Slink. Warrior, Steel Reign and Steel started going around the cells, physically securing them with metal restraints. Agony Aunt and Electro started searched for the secretive villain using Electro’s electronic senses - to sense any bombs he was planting - and to near noise as he slithered through ducts and wall spaces. Magnetron remained in the Governor’s office. He secured him in the bathroom and took on his persona.

Long story short, the villain was soon caught and the prison was made fully safe and secure again.

However, seeing Warrior in action close-up - and remembering how her father had used to idolise his as a “true hero” - Electro’s suspicions were raised. Upon return to the Rotunda, she tasked her team - especially Magnetron - with tracking down samples of Warriors DNA both present and in the past. She suspected some kind of substitution.

Not wanting to raise red flags, Magnetron set up a series of secure search algorithms. And left them to run overnight.

In the morning - Sq:B received an urgent message from a Birmingham comprehensive. Apparently a PE teacher had mutated into a rampaging radiation monster and had some students trapped in the gym. The new team of probationary heroes were allowed to tackle this urgent mission alone.

After much (much) careful planning, they smashed through the wall into the gym’s equipment store, rescued the students and soon took out the giant monster.

Investigation found an object - some kind of seed pod - in its mouth. Further investigation revealed that the school - like many - had been visited by a famous award-winning scientist who’d offered to lead a school assembly about Science. When he turned up, however, he had been unkempt with a strange smell and rambled on vaguely about the importance of living in balance with nature before it took its revenge.

The team checked the schools he’d visited to make there wasn’t any collateral damage there. Unable to track his future programme of visits, they returned to the Rotunda to research his background.

Upon there return it became clear they’d been sent away to allow preparations to be made. Techknight’s voice on the PA asked them all to attend a “meeting” on sub-level 7, the lowest level. When they arrived the hallway outside the room was bedecked with bunting. Everyone anticipated they’d be inaugurated into the team as full members. Electro bemoaned the fact that she hadn’t been able to clean up and change.

They entered the room to find it festooned with blood and guts. The dismembered bodies of Techknight and Dynamo were scattered across the room. Before anyone could react, the security door slammed shut. Electro’s superhearing detected the sound of a distant explosion and then the sound of a tower collapsing. Then everyone heard the impending rumbling of level after sub level being smashed downwards jump on them. Ton and tons of rubble heading to crush them.

The only way out was down. As Electro and Magnetron desperately tried to wards of the uncounted mass of twisted concreted and metal crushing the team, the stronger members desperately clawed at the ground, ripping it out seconds before they were crushed. Eventually, battered and bruised, they tore through into a subterranean chamber and fell.

Everything went dark.

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It's great seeing how the author runs their own scenarios - this is brilliant.
Electro - the cute 16 year old girl - is being played by a wise and cunning old Grognard. It’s a bit jarring actually. He sussed the plot a bit early (I shouldn’t have exposed them to “Warrior”) so I had to bring the Rotunda drop forward a week. The campaign is tightly plotted against the dates when campaigns end and new campaigns start. I had a buffer week build in in case we over-ran, I didn’t expect to under-run.

But I’ve got a plan.....