Squadron: Birmingham 2019 Coming to Birmingham

Professor Johan Hellstrom is a physicist. When his work brought access to alternate dimensions he was not prepared for the arcane nature of at least one of them. Somehow he has become dimensionally entangled with that nether realm. The energy it gives him allows him to fly and temporarily become invisible. He can also pull weapons from that nether space. But are there other things out there? He needs help to understand the portal he has created. TECHKNIGHT - a Superhero member of Squadron: Birmingham - is clearly either a brilliant scientist or knows one. Taking the persona of “The Librarian”, Prof. Helstrom has boarded a train to Birmingham to seek a consultation.

Also on the train is a biologist who, wanting to help people, was working on a formula to regrow limbs. Testing it in herself gave her the ability to grow to 12' in height. Wanting to help people she put out a series of YouTube videos demonstrating how such abilities could be used to help others and encouraging other gifted people to do the same - calling herself Agony Aunt. Amongst the trolling, admiration and death threats she garnered were several comments - some from official sources - urging her to get professional help and mentoring. She is heading to Birmingham to get that from Sq:B.

Jamie Pryde - 16 - was out in the car with her older boyfriend when it collided with an unlabelled tanker. The tangled vehicles smashed into an electrical pylon. Covered in the strange gunk being transported in the tanker, far from being killed by the arcs of electricity, Jamie absorbed and channeled it, leading to the death of her boyfriend for which she blames herself. She has confessed all of this to her parents. They are bringing her to Birmingham to seek advice from MIASMA, a powerful psychic, kick-ass Super-heroine and de facto leader of Sq:B.

Steel Reign is an android and an AI. He knows nothing. He’s not even sure if his body and operating system were designed to work together or if the melding, and his awakening, was the result of an accident. He has stowed away on a shipment of super scientific equipment leaving the mysterious institution where he was created. Also in the lorry is a small box from which strange grunting snoring noises can be heard.

BAM! A large lorry careered through the central barrier on Spaghetti Junction and into another unmarked lorry - scattering cars everywhere. One was sent to teeter on the edge, sending a chunk of concrete to slam into the railtrack below - causing a train to brake suddenly.

A horde of ne’er do wells exited the attacking lorry, including the flaming, flying Supervillain - Firefly - and his cryogenic cohort Frostorm.

Jamie and her family were in one of the crashed cars and sent her to help others. Reign was in the lorry being attacked. Seeing the car hanging off the edge of the carriageway above, Agony Aunt grew to her full height and began shinneying up the massive concrete pillars. After changing - and taking the time to turn invisible - the Librarian began to fly up after her.

Up top, Firefly and Frostorm used a co-ordinated attack to shatter the back doors of the transport lorry. Frostorm was perturbed by small electrical shocks he was receiving from nearby lampposts, but was unable to ascertain the source. (Jamie was being circumspect).

Reign hid himself amongst the scientific equipment as a large gorilla burst out of the small box he’d noticed earlier.

Firefly’s attention was drawn to the 12 foot woman pulling herself onto the roadway. A fiery blast sent her back over the edge and he hurried to follow her down gloating. He didn’t notice Frostorm bring pummelled by a huge gorilla - which seemed to be growing with every breath.

With everyone occupied it was Jamie’s opportunity to start picking off the thugs.

Still invisible, The Librarian was able to catch and slow Agony Aunt's fall - especially as she shrunk to norms, size and clung onto her hidden saviour. She suffered another attack from Firefly. However, by the time the fiery villain launched a third, The Librarian had released Agony Aunt, drawn a sword and charged him. Though this meant that The Librarian took the blast, it also meant some of the energy blasted back on Firefly. Since this was followed up by the sight of an invisible arcane weapon outlined in his flaming force-field and nearly bashing him, the skittish scoundrel decided discretion was the better part of villainy and flew away.

Frostorm, caught between a rapidly enlarging Gorilla's fists and malfunctioning Lamposts, and seeing the gleaming glint approaching in the distance, also decided to run. He and his thugs boarded their lorry to drive off.

The hanging car finally fell from the edge of the roadway but was caught by Agony Aunt.

The gleaming glint was revealed to be the Sq:B stalwart TECHKNIGHT. He drew the - now 30' tall - gorilla to the edge of the raised road and blasted the tarmac and concrete from beneath it, causing the behemoth to fall. This seemed to cause a temporary overload in TECHKNIGHT's jet packs, but The Librarian was able to catch and steady him long enough for his systems to recover.

The remaining heroes teamed up to disable and attack Frostorm's escape vehicle, bringing the battle to an end.

TECHKNIGHT introduced himself and congratulated the neophyte heroes, inviting them to visits him at The Rotunda - where Squadron: Birmingham are based. He also advised Jamie on the importance of having an Superhero name and told them a shop where they could acquire appropriate costumes for their abilities.

Whatever Frostorm and Firefly had been seeking had been crushed beneath the falling gorilla, along with the other contents of the lorry. TECHKNIGHT took chart elf the scene telling his new friends that his team would deal with both the clean up and any leads discovered.

All in all a successful first outing for our new Heroes.

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