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We play again on Tuesday...huzzah!

It is now Autumn of the year 2953. The Company were forced to rest in the Beorning lands after their latest endeavours...lands now without a leader. What will it be next? The Gibbet King? Saruman the White told them that the one weapon which might slay the former torturer of the Necromancer lies in the Hero's Barrow in the Barrow Downs, a place of dark repute.

But Halbrog the Ranger cannot rest. He has an appointment with Gandalf in Rivendell, by this Autumn at the latest, and he will keep it, and help the wizard in his endeavours.

West of the Misty Mountains, the rangers and the elves of Rivendell keep a watch on Angmar, where the Gibbet King has made his abode, like the Witch King of old. They have spotted forces massing, and moving not south but east, round the northern edge of the Misty Mountains, sweeping down towards the Beorning Lands. The elves send word, and assistance- a high elf taking word to the Company and to the Beorning lands, warning of the approach. It is indeed a good thing the goblin army massing in the Misty Mountains was stopped by the Company and cannot join them.

But with the Beornings unaware, their people scattered, and no leader, has word nonetheless reached them and the Company too late....?