Squadron: Birmingham 2019 Carnage and the chocolate factory

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Steel Reign stood motionless atop his pedestal outside the Cadbury offices, pretending, as he had for days, that he was merely an ornamental artefact. Magnatron patrolled the toll paths of the nearby canal. Deacon was concealed atop near by buildings, watching.

Jamie Pryde and her parents prepared for their visit to Cadbury world. Just before they set out, they received a call from Agony Aunt. She was ill and unable to make the appointment.

(She neglected to mention the strange effects that the use of Tyrannosaurus Blood in her experiments in regeneration had had upon her.)

Steel was also not at the appointed rendezvous. Jamie and her parents entered Cadbury World on their own, a small family unit.

During the introductory tour, Electro reached out with her senses. The factory was flooded with power. Every single employee in the factory carried an electrical signal - some kind of cybernetic device implanted in their bodies. So did everybody taking part in the tour. Electro and her parents were surrounded!

Worse, as they left the chocolatier demonstration to head for the historical displays, they entered a corridor where Electro’s senses fell dead. As one the part of tour guides and visitors turned upon the family, seizing them. Electro tried to blast them - to no effect. She tried to use her phone to call he team-mates. Dead. It was like the entire corridor was designed to dampen electrical signals.

As her parents were pulled away, Electro desperately placed her hands against the windows of ancient re-inforced glass and managed to summon electricity through the wire re-inforcement within the glass. As it grew red hot, the glass shattered. Ignoring the pain, Electro forced her hands through, activated her phone and then sent a blast of electrical energy into the sky.

This desperate signal was missed by both Deacon and Magnatron, but Steel Reign saw and attempted to rush to his team-mates aid - only to find the pedestal magnetised and him unable to move.

Electro threw herself through the window falling fifteen feet to the cobble-stones of the Cadbury delivery yard. Batteries, she pulled herself to her feet to see yet more cyber-controlled workers heading her way and..... a delivery truck transforming into a giant robot!

Trapped, Steel Reign reached out with his magnetic senses into the heart of the pedestal and managed to short out the electromagnet’s mechanism. Just in time as a squad of large robots - even bigger than he was - began to head toward him.

Alerted by the sounds of the scuffles, Deacon and Magnatron flew towards the factory. Magnatron was immediately targeted by two flights of surface to air missiles. Electro-Magnetic blasts managed to deflect one flight but the others exploded all around him. Only his super-powered defences allowed him to survive.

Electro fought a running battle, seeking to join her friends. In the ensuing fight, one of the missile batteries was destroyed and the other disabled. When Magnatron attempted to turn it against the hordes of robots, he was caught in the back-blast of their launch.

Electro’s parents appeared atop the Cadbury building, apparently under cyber control and about to throw themselves off. Their daughter was forced to render them unconscious in order to save them.

Deacon fell before the robot onslaught. Seeing the overwhelming forces arrayed against them, Electro and Steel Reign fled, into the sewers below Bournville. Magnatron flew to save Electro’s parents.

Angered by the Heroes’ escape, Cyber-lord activated his ultimate weapon. With a trembling that shook the Earth, the entire Cadbury Factory stood up - a giant colossus astride the Bournville Trust. As Electro’s parents fell to earth, Magnatron could save but one. He chose her mother.

He was shortly crushed by the giant robot, which then turned it attention to the sewers, rooting out Steel Reign and flattening him.

Only Electro escaped in the confusion.

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