Squadron: Birmingham 2019 But that NEVER happens on TV!

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But that NEVER happens on TV!!

Awakening from the doze induced by her hastily thrown together cute, Agony Aunt checked to find most of the scales dotting her flesh had gone. Then her attention was drawn firstly to the flashing notifications on her computer screen, then to the frenzied banging on her door and finally to the ringing of her phone.

Behind the door was a distraught and battered Electro, babbling incoherently about her parents. On the phone was Senior Sergeant Macmillan of the West Midlands Police Force asking if she’d seen the news. On the news was the impossible sight of a mechanoid hundreds of feet tall. Seemingly formed from the Cadbury Chocolate Factory, standing bestride the Bournville Trust and threatening the entire City.

The pieces fell into place. Magnatron - captured. Deacon - captured. Steel Reign - captured. Steel - missing. Electro’s parents - missing, fate unknown. Squadron U.K. still MIA.

Just Agony Aunt and a traumatised Electro left. And Sergeant Macmillan was asking what they intended to do......
Deacon woke in a sealed steel box. Every seam welded shut. A single tiny air hole let in a minuscule shaft of light. No way out.

Gritting his teeth, Deacon began to pick at his own flesh. Again. And again until the blood began to flow. Dipping his finger in it, he began to draw cabalistic symbols on the walls of his cell.
The authorities it seemed had called in the Airforce but they were unable to attack the mechanoid. Somewhere in its innards were thousands of innocent citizens of Bournville. A police cordon was being thrown around Bournville, soon to be bolstered by Army Tanks - mere popguns against the monster.

Villains such as the incarcerated Frostorm were being taken from their cells and fitted with suicide collars. These were offered as back-up but Agony Aunt refused.

Reassuring Electro that they were going to rescue her parents, Agony Aunt asked the police to open negotiations as a distraction whilst she and Electro - alone - infiltrated the giant robot.
Deacon was disturbed by a whispering voice. It turned out that that this was "Cyberlord" the villain behind the infiltration of Bournville, the army of androids, cybernetically controlled citizens and the massive monstrosity they were currently incarcerated in. He was desperate for more power and cross examined Deacon about how his powers could be harnessed to serve the villain''s schemes. He'd already opened up the battered Steel Reign and plugged him into the robot's systems.

Cyberlord was called away as a Police Helicopter approached. It was a specially converted negotiating platform. Rather than take the time himself to talk to them, he over-took Reign's AI and tasked him with keeping the police talking. He then turned his attention to the two heroes climbing the legs of his overwhelming creation.

Agony Aunt and Electro successfully climbed the legs of the robot and found a hatch. They met traps, controlled hymns and robots but nothing Cyberlord threw at them seemed to give them pause. Electro managed to sense the power relays of the device and found that - even with a nuclear reactor supplemented with power from Dynamo, Magnatron, Steel Reign and Warrior - the villain lacked the power to make his automaton walk. He'd obviously been forced to activate it ahead of schedule.He cleverly needed Electro alive. So he bargained, cajoled, threatened even saying he'd kill her mother. But the Heroes steadfastly refused to bargain.

So, when Deacon finally, burst his confines to support them and they set the robot to self destruct, he threw Electro's mother out of a hatch and escaped in a rocket propelled lifeboat - which dodged the nearby Air Force jets. The team rescued Steel Reign and Squadron Birmingham. Dynamo was drained, his survival unsure. The rest were extremely grateful and all escaped before the robot self destructed.

They discovered that Electro's father had fallen to his doom when the giant robot had first stood up. With both her parents dead, she became hysterical.

Miasma offered to steady her thoughts, but warned that this came with its own risks. "A mind if a powerful but fragile thing." Agony Aunt said she'd care for the girl.

Squadron Birmingham were grateful for the rescue. Our heroes were immediately inducted into the group and an official assessment of their powers scheduled for the following week.

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