Anyone played?


The Guvnor
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Has anyone played Torment: Tides of Numenera?
I think it looks like a talky exploring game that could be fun and a great into to the setting.
I’ve played 12.7 hours of this, Steam tells me :)

It’s a fun game, certainly a better system for a Torment-style game than D&D was. There is more emphasis on exploration and non-combat challenges than old-school isometric RPGs used to have.

Numenera is a fairly bonkers world, and the Cypher system is OK but there are much better systems in my opinion. It’s not narrative enough and not-trad enough at the same time. The system (TTRPG) aims to be about more than just combat yet the rules focus almost exclusively on that aspect of the game. The revised edition may be better in that regard (I didn’t buy it personally) but based on reviews I’ve read I don’t think it made enough changes in that regard.

But the computer game is fun and definitely worth it if you can get it on offer.
It's ready to go on my PS4. I should dive in today.

I agree with the criticism of Cypher, yet I like it a lot. The vacilation between trad and narrative might hit a timorous sweet spot for me. The system is a breeze to run. If only I thought Cyphers were a good idea.