AlbaCon AlbaCon 2021

Evening folks.

Wanted to let you know about our plans for AlbaCon 2021.

Firstly, the dates are the 2nd & 3rd of October.
Secondly, our charity partner this year are Penumbra.
  • Penumbra are a mental health charity and all funds that we raise for them will go towards providing support for suicide prevention specifically for teenagers and young adults.
  • All money we raise through ticket sales, direct donations and frankly any other method we can (legally!) use will be given to Penumbra.
Thirdly, RPG submissions for 2021 are now open. If you’re able to help us by hosting RPGs this year please fill in the form here -

We will once again have a dedicated Discord server for the convention and have refined the structure we had last year based on feedback received and from attending other online events since AlbaCon 2020. We’ve also made a series of changes to the way event bookings are made which we think will improve the overall user experience.

As ever if you have questions, let me know!
As with last year we've managed to secure a lot of support from RPG publishers and associated companies.

We'll start to share the list of those soon but for those who weren't at AlbaCon last year here's the list of what our 2020 Sponsors and others provided. Some of these were exclusive to GMs.
  • All Rolled Up - Discount code for their website.
  • Arcane Library - Free copy of one of their adventures.
  • Brittania Game Designs - Discounts galore across their range.
  • Chaosium - PDFs of Harlem Unbound and Runequest
  • Cubicle 7 - Discount code for their WFRP product line.
  • Fria Ligan - Discount code for their website.
  • Genki Gear - Discount code for their website
  • Goodman Games - Free PDFs for DCC, MCC, DCC Lankmar, How To Write Adventures and Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps.
  • Green Ronin Publishing - Discount code for their website.
  • Handiwork Games - Voucher for their website as well as early access to the a|state primer "Nicely, Done."
  • John Sedlack (DMsGuild Creator) - Free copies of all of his D&D AL adventures ran at the convention (3 were)
  • Midnight Tower - Free PDFs for everyone as well as Print On Demand Discount Codes for all GMs
  • Modiphius Games - Discount code for their website.
  • Pelgrane Press - Discount codes galore.
  • Pinnacle Entertainment - Lots of $5 voucher for use in their webstore.
  • R.Talsorian - GM Bundle PDFs
  • Raorgen Games - Discount code for their Isle Of Celts range of Dungeon Crawl Classics
  • Richard Hayward (DMsGuild Creator) - Discount on one of his D&D AL adventures.
  • Rowan, Rook and Decard - Discount code for their website.
  • Stiff Whiskers - All profits from sales Dark Trails RPG during AlbaCon donated to the charity.
  • Syrinscape - Vouchers for 3 month free trials.
  • The Crafting Jones - Discount code for their website.
  • Venger's Decks - % sales from their website during October 2020 donated to the charity.
  • Verse Studios - Free PDFs of their Arclands 5e setting
  • - Free copy of their "5 Minutes into the Future" supplement.
The list for 2021 is much longer which is fantastic to see.