[Year Zero Engine] Adventure in The Raven Lands

And so our saga continues to the north of Ravenland. From the village of Drahl (12) our heroes head North East to Dim Castle to face the undead that have taken control for many a year. The old Lord is said to have succumbed to a demon and now commands as a Death Knight with the ragged undead remains of his loyal followers.


An epic battle on the wooden bridge over the fetid moat as the skeletons and the fearsome death knight were cut down by dwarven axe, ancient blade, shadow night and the arrows of the elves and of Kekos. Holy words of the Raven were also spoken casting the abominations asunder. Cleaned out this castle has now become the stronghold of these brave adventurers and renamed Raven Castle (13).

Their first guest was Drur, dwarf and stone singer of the Belderanclan. He has messages and opportunities from his mistress Rigalda who is now travelling to Stonegarden. So, with a growing reputation and a lasting foothold in the land they travel to Stonegarden (14), here to pass beyond the glittering halls into the deep with two dwelvers and the doom seeking Lupendus Firm.

We left the session until next month, deep in the halls and mire of the ancient and forgotten realm that holds a great terror. Deeper and deeper into the depths. Monsters have been fought and more are yet to be faced.

It is said that the moon, stunned by the beauty of
Stonegarden, will stay a while in its course above
Stonegarden. At some time in their lives, most
dwarves go on a pilgrimage there as the site is considered
by all except the Crombe dwarves to be the
dwarves’ place of origin in the world. This year’s
Veneration of the Earth in the impregnable fortress
of the Iron Hounds looks to be the most extraordinary
event in years. It is said that the royal children of Belderan
have come to privately discuss their father’s
succession. Their mute ancestors have risen from
the depths, for below Stonegarden lie the forbidden
grottoes leading to the elder layers of the world.

More next month.