[selling] A selection of SF RPGs to go - Cyberpunk, Dune, Blade Runner, Traveller


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For Sale - a selection of RPGs

Blade Runner RPG - Fiery Angels box set - £22 (£20 at North Star)
Traveller5 Core Rules - £40 (£35 at North Star)
Cyberpunk Red core rules - £30 (£26 at North Star)
Cyberpunk Red dice set - £8 (or £5 if bought with rules) (£5 at North Star or £4 if bought with rules.)
Agents of Dune box set - £25 - (£22 at North Star) SOLD

  • The code for the core rules PDF in Agents of Dune is unused and the contents are as new and unpunched.
  • Fiery Angels has a crush mark on the left hand box edge but content is undamaged and unopened. Happy to share more pics if wanted.
Prices include postage and packing, Prompt payment by Paypal please



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Cyberpunk price dropped.
Agents Of Dune added.
(Agents of Dune is as new, unpunched and the PDF code for the core rules is unused).

I’ve also added an alternative North Star price.
Traveller5 added, Blade Runner Fiery Angels added.
Prices of existing items reduced.
Agents of Dune sold.
Fiery Angels price reduced to £22 (£20 at NS) to stay in line with Facebook price.