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First Age

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Whilst running Dragonbane at conventions, and for a delightful home group on Foundry VTT, I'm side hustling a few other game ideas that I'd like to do something with. In particular, I am busting to give Freeform Universal 2e a try. The light d6 dice pool game has a lovely looking combination of ideas to ceate a highly approachable and adaptable system to a plethora of possible places and adventures. Find the game here: https://www.perilplanet.com/freeform-universal/.

I'm calling the game 'A Company of Heroes', a classic fantasy game with a light narrative rules framework. I shall probably create a wee booklet to cover the game rules and make it available to players, wherever I get to run it.

To facilitate, I have a Role VTT sheet up and running

Freeform Universal in Role VTT​

There are so many games! At the other end of the spectrum I have recently nose dived into the depths of Avalon Hill's 1983 Powers & Perils. Much as that one has a lot of nice features, the complexities of it, though surmountable, are enough of a hurdle to prevent me doing more with it. I suspect that was the issue with the game back in the day. It's one that I may return to when I have some space, though that is already occupied by SPI's DragonQuest.

A Company of Heroes is more likely to get some play, and its simplicity might also allow it to be a low stress back-up game to keep in the bag.

I've worked from a character sheet design, to include the elements of FU2e that I want in the game. There aren't an especially bewildering array of options, but worth establishing what the game will look like. The sheet to the right is formatted as A5, which I thought might fit inside an A5 menu holder, with an illustration and key concepts on the group facing side. I've had my eye on the A5 form factor for a while thanks to my gaming friend Remi, who always presents a lovely looking table. The illustration is just an elipse graphics holder in Affinity Publisher, designed to take any VTT token art to give the sheet some pictorial flair.

As you may gather, a character is made up of a series of 'tags', words or short phrases that describe different aspects of the character. If they apply they add to your action dice pool. In many ways this game reminds me of my own Tripod system, but I'm very happy to give this one a good try.

My foray into paid GMing went nowhere, which I haven't taken personally. It might be interesting to try again with this, to see if I can get some play in.

More on this to come...

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