[generic] 10,000 backers are already on the train! Horror on the Orient Express The Board Game

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HotOE Board Game Kickstarter 10000 backers

Our Horror on the Orient Express The Board Game Kickstarter reached a significant milestone yesterday — 10,000 backers have boarded the train!

If you'd like to join them, there's still a seat for you in the one of the doomed train's many carriages. But don't delay, you have just four days before the Orient Express reaches its final destination.

HotOE 2 vol set

And don't forget, for the duration Kickstarter campaign we're also offering a special deal on the legendary Call of Cthulhu TTRPG campaign our new board game is based on: get the two-volume Horror on the Orient Express for only $49.99 (save $40!)

Note, you do not have to back the board game Kickstarter to avail yourself of this Chaosium.com exclusive offer.

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